Sweater Weather

Posted by Jennifer Burns on

I am a dress girl, except when that four letter, snow, makes it way back into our Northern Michigan forecast. That's when I pull out pieces of my wardrobe I can throw on and feel cozy in. I also purchase a few key pieces to keep my style updated.

I have a few tricks I use to restyle my over-sized sweaters and plain favorites. For thinner sweaters try pairing with high waisted or mid-rise jeans. Tuck in your sweater in the front to show off your favorite belt buckle. Statement jewelry can also update plain sweaters, take a good look at what you have. If you don't have a statement piece, layer several pieces of simple jewelry to create a similar look.

Reign in your boxy clothing. Create shape with your oversize sweaters or cardigans try belting them with a tie belt. You can also use a traditional belt, but knot it at the buckle instead of pulling it through the loop.

Mix styles. Rethink your closet by layering pieces you might not have thought to put together. You can try a casual printed sweater under a blazer, or a cardigan tied with a belt over a dressy ruffle top. Take something new and pair with with an older piece. This also mimics the mixed-media trend, for example satin with cotton.

If you are looking for new pieces to add to your wardrobe you have so many options right now. On my recent trips to New York and Chicago's shopping districts, plain just didn't exist. Embellishments, fringe, ruffles, bell and balloon sleeves were in every store. Those aren't just limited to the high-end designers either, nearly every clothing line has some version of these. Incorporating a sweater with one of these trends is a great option to add a some fun to a basic winter wardrobe.